ECE 451 - Application Notes

Derivation of Smith chart

Applications of the Smith Chart

Parallel-Plate Waveguide

Rectangular Waveguides

Microwave Oven

Agilent AN 154 S-Parameter Design Application Note

Agilent PNA Series Manual

8-Term Error Model

Architecture of Vector Network Analyzers

Error Models and Calibration Methods

Using Network Analyzers for TDR Measurements

TDR - Keysight Appnote

TRL Calibration Method

Agilent TRL Application Note

Keysight TRL Application Note

TRL Paper

Transmission Line Characterization


Planar Structures

Cascade Microtech Application - On-Wafer Probing

Probes and Probe Stations - On-Wafer Probing

Dielectric Measurements


Blackbox Macromodeling

Coupled Transmission Lines

Load Pull Techniques

PHD Paper


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